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Gaming Glossary

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Player who hides in a safe place taking down the enemy as he approaches without placing himself in any real danger, and keeps this spot for as long a he can.


In computer terms, it's the opposite of the server on a network. For gaming, when you connect to a multiplayer game that someone else is hosting, they are the server and you are the client.


The act of removing graphics that move outside the player's logical line of vision. When badly implemented players can see thru solid objects from certain angles.

Color Depth:

The number of distinct colors that can be represented by a piece of hardware or software. Color depth is sometimes referred to as bit depth because it is directly related to the number of bits used for each pixel. A 24-bit video adapter, for example, has a color depth of 2 to the 24th power (about 16.7 million) colors. One would say that its color depth is 24 bits. 32-bits color is 24 bit color with 8bits for the alpha channel.


A computer designed with the sole purpose of playing games. Often sold without keyboard.


Cinematic sequence, displayed without the interaction of the player. The scene is typically shown to tell the main plot line and is often displayed outside of the game engine.

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